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What Is Offsite Backup?

Webvault offsite backup is a fully automated, easy to use and highly secure data backup service for your PCs and servers. Ensuring adequate protection for your business data has never been more important, however the complexity and hassle of most traditional backup methods leaves many business owners hoping that they never have to rely on them. Using specialised backup software and the internet, Webvault can now safely backup your data offsite to our highly-secure enterprise class data centre facilities located right here in Perth, Western Australia.

How Much Does Offsite Backup Cost?

Offsite backup for most businesses will cost much less than the price of a cup of coffee per day. With the time and money you will save on not having to perform traditional backup tasks, peace of mind for your business has never been more affordable. Pricing for offsite backup is based on the amount of data you would like to protect. In general if you have you have 10GB of data you will only require approximately 5GB of storage. Our software will compress your valuable data for storage so that you pay much less! If you know the amount of data you would like to backup, you can contact our customer support team for a quotation or download our Backup Brochure which includes pricing information. We have special rates for larger amounts of data so please contact us for our large backup pricing schedule.

Get Started With Offsite Backup for FREE

Getting started with our offsite backup service is easy. If you feel comfortable with installing new software on your computer or server you can click on the the links below to learn how to download and configure the offsite backup manager software for your PC or server platform. After installing the software you can setup your own FREE user account, which will allow you to backup and secure between 10 and 20GB of data for up to 30 days. If you would like assistance with installing or configuring your backup please contact our customer support team. We can also arrange for a technician to come out and assess your backup requirements and install our solution.

Please choose the appropriate link for your PC or server operating system.

After installing the offsite backup manager software, you can also learn more about the advanced features of this service from the following articles.

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