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Creating an Outlook Profile

Firstly, close Microsoft Outlook if you have the application open.

Click on the Windows Start Menu and go to the Windows Control Panel, choose the Mail option. Depending on your version of Windows, the control panel options may look slightly different.


Click on Show Profiles, then choose Add, enter an appropriate Profile Name to represent your exchange email account (E.g. Joe Bloggs Exchange). Click OK, and then OK again to enter the Add New E-mail Account wizard.

Image Image Image

Add New Email Account

You should now see the Add New Email Account setup wizard. Choose Microsoft Exchange from the list of email services.


On the first page of the Add New Email Account wizard select the option to Manually configure my server settingsā€¦ With exchange you DO NOT need to enter your
name or email address details. Click Next.


Enter the Microsoft Exchange server name EXACTLY as getafix.exchange.mailsolutions.com.au

Enter the exchange mailbox username E.g. company.firstname

These settings MUST be typed exactly to avoid connection problems. Then click on the More Settings button.


Wait approximately 10-20 seconds for the initial connection attempt to the server which should fail with an error message similar to the following.

If your error message has a Cancel button, click Cancel. Otherwise click OK.


NOTE: You cannot connect to the Microsoft Exchange server without first configuring the HTTP proxy settings under More Settings.

On the More Settings dialog window shown below, click on the Connection tab, then under the Outlook Anywhere section at the bottom, tick Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP option.

Click on the Exchange Proxy settings... button.


On the Microsoft Exchange Proxy settings dialog, in the first field under the connection settings, type EXACTLY exchange.mailsolutions.com.au

Make sure BOTH of the following options are ticked:
  • Connect using SSL only
  • Only connect to proxy servers that have this principle name in their certificate:

In the the principle certificate field underneath type EXACTLY msstd:exchange.mailsolutions.com.au

Underneath make sure BOTH of the following options are also ticked:
  • On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP
  • On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP

Down the bottom ensure the Proxy Authentication setting is set to NTLM Authentication


Click OK, then OK again to close the More Settings window and then choose Next and Finish to complete the setup wizard.

If at any point you are asked for the exchange mailbox username & password type in your exchange email account login details.

Now Launch Microsoft Outlook 2007!


When asked for the login details enter your exchange email account username and password as shown. If you are asked for the username and password a second time, enter the details again. If it should continue to display the login prompt, you either have an incorrect username or password, or you have incorrectly specified the Microsoft Exchange proxy settings above.


If successful, Outlook may take a few minutes to load the first time and setup your profile. If your exchange email account already contains a significant amount of data, your mail folders, contacts & calendar will begin download and may take a few hours before you can see all your emails. It may be necessary to leave your computer connected to the internet during this time and leave Outlook open. Your computer may also run a slower while Outlook is updating its folders.


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