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Plantronics CS70N

CS70N™ Professional Wireless Headset System

No compromises. Performance, style and comfort all in one. Beauty and brains. Style and smarts. Get the best of both worlds with the CS70N professional wireless headset system — the perfect marriage of premium audio performance and sleek styling. Link the CS70N to any business phone, and let the no–compromises design make you more accessible, more comfortable, and more productive. Intelligent, high-performance features make this headset perfect for intensive, all-day phone use, technology connoisseurs that demand cutting-edge electronics — or anyone in a cubicle that just wants a great headset.

Plantronics CS70N

Price $322.14

Plantronics CS351N

The SupraPlus Wireless Professional Headset System was designed specifically for contact center supervisors and office professionals with phone-intensive responsibilities who demand hands-free mobility along with Plantronics supreme comfort and superior audio quality. The SupraPlus Wireless is built on digitally-encrypted DECT 6.0 technology and combines the audio clarity of traditional corded technology with the mobility of wireless—so employees can continue digitally secure phone conversations while moving about the office or contact center.

Plantronics CS351N

Cost $331.30

Plantronics CS60

When you’re on the phone, the information you need may not be in front of you. It may be in the next office, or down the hall. To keep up with business, you need to move; you need to stay in touch. You need the Plantronics CS60 wireless office headset system.

Plantronics CS60


Plantronics Savi Office

Does your business use only a single method of communication? Then why choose a wireless headset that limits you to just one approach?

Plantronics Savi Office lets you use one wireless headset to connect to multiple communication applications and devices—desk phones, PC softphones, and PC audio. Enjoy maximum versatility combined with superior sound quality a Plantronics hallmark since 1961. The Plantronics Savi Office headset system is as versatile as you need it to be. Cross device. Cross platform. Cross applications. So you can cross other headsets off your list.

Plantronics Savi Office $368.40

Electronic Hookswitch Adaptor - Polycom


Plantronics Voyager Pro

Our obsessive acoustic engineers pushed the limits of headset technology so you sound like you’re in the same room, not miles away on a windy street or surrounded by noisy people. Our relentless ergonomic testing produced a headset so comfortable you’ll wear it dawn to dusk without a second thought.

Plantronics Voyager Pro

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