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Here is a list of common problems and errors that we have encountered on occasion with Microsoft SQL Server and/or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. We are listing these solutions as a courtesy for Microsoft developers working with Webvault servers and hosted SQL server databases on our network. If you would like further assistance while using a Microsoft SQL Server database hosted by Webvault please contact our support team.

ERROR: Saving changes is not permitted (While Editing a Table)

This is a new safety feature added in SQL Management Studio 2008. To allow changes to a table, that requires a table to be recreated, you must alter the following option.

1. Click on the Tools menu in Management Studio (SSMS), and choose Options.
2. In the navigation pane on the Options window, click Designers.
3. Untick the option on the right which says Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation.
4. Click OK to save changes to SSMS options.

ERROR: The server principal XXX is not able to access the database XXX under the current security context.

This error sometimes occurs while loading the list of databases available on the SQL server while using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. The problem appears to relate to a bug with Management Studio. Here is one possible work around.

Please try using the following workaround and let us know if that helps:
1) Bring Object Explorer Details window by selecting View --> Object Explorer Details in menu (or hitting F7)
2) In Object Explorer window click at Databases folder
3) In Object Explorer Details window right-click at the column header and deselect Collation
4) Refresh Databases folder.

Courtesty of Stanislav Chiknavaryan, SQL Server Software Design Engineer

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