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This is the official Webvault content management system compatibility guide. The below list of CMS softwares have either been tested by Webvault technicians to work successfully on Webvault web server platforms, or have been successfully implemented by one or more of our customers. By referring to this list you can choose a particular content management system and be confident that it will work using a the appropriate Webvault web hosting package. We are constantly updating the list with new CMS systems as they are tested and implemented. If you are successfully running a CMS or publishing system on Webvault web servers please contact our support team so that we can add it to the list for other customers.

Notes for Customers

  • If a CMS system is not listed, it does NOT mean that it will not work on Webvault web servers. In fact we have yet to find a common CMS application that we have not been able to make work. Please try any CMS system, and if you have trouble with installation or require optional configuration you can contact our customer support team for assistance.

  • Some CMS systems may require a particular function or service from Webvault to run successfully (Eg. SQL database, additional server space, SSL certificate). Some of these services may not come standard with your web hosting package and so you will need to contact Webvault customer support to either enable or purchase this optional service. Some optional services such as Mysql are usually free and others are not.

  • Whilst we are running or have tested the following applications, not every CMS solution will work on every Webvault web server. If you wish to run a particular CMS, please check with us that your website is located on a suitable web server. We can perform a server migration to give you the advantages of newer software and database platforms.

Compatible CMS List

EOL = End of Life
PHP = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor - A popular opensource website software programming framework
MySQL = An opensource SQL client/server database system
MSSQL = Microsoft SQL Server
.NET = A Microsoft applications development framework

Important Disclaimer

  • Webvault does NOT guarantee the security or privacy of any content stored in your chosen content management system or software system running on Webvault web servers, even when that software was recommended or installed by Webvault staff. Like ALL websites, the security of content stored in a CMS system depends on the integrity of the underlying software code which is the responsibility of the software developer. Webvault recommends that you keep up to date with software upgrades and security information provided by the your CMS publisher to help protect your website.

  • Many CMS systems have thousands of optional modules written by software programmers all over the world. These modules may have their own operating and software requirements that need to be taken into consideration. In most cases these modules work successfuly, however Webvault does NOT guarantee compatibility with each and every optional component or even that every single feature of a given CMS will work.

  • New versions of these CMS softwares are being released all the time. Webvault does NOT guarantee that every new version of the software will work. If you have found a version of the software that does not work on Webvault web servers, please contact us so that we can make an alteration to this compatibility guide.

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