Quick Guide to Email Settings

Standard Internet Email

Using Webmail

Login to http://webmail.webvault.com.au
https://webmail.webvault.com.au (SSL Secured Version)

Using POP3 or IMAP

Account Type: POP3 or IMAP*
Incoming Mail Server: email.webvault.com.au
Outgoing SMTP Server: email.webvault.com.au

Advanced Settings

Incoming Port Settings
Incoming Server Port (POP3): 110
Incoming Server Port (POP3): 995 (SSL Encryption Enabled)
Incoming Server Port (IMAP): 143
Incoming Server Port (IMAP): 993 (SSL Encryption Enabled)

Outgoing Port Settings
Outgoing Server Port (SMTP): 366 (Recommended change to avoid being blocked by ISP Firewalls)
Outgoing Server Port (SMTP): 25 (Default SMTP Port)

Setup Tutorials

See Getting Start with Webvault Email Services for setup tutorials for your specific email software.