How to Switch Between Multiple Outlook Profiles


When using Microsoft Outlook you can use and create multiple Outlook profiles underneath the same Windows user login. Each Outlook profile can have its own set of email accounts, its own email folders, and independent software settings. Please note that you can only operate one Outlook profile at a time, and you must close and re-open Microsoft Outlook to switch between profiles. This tutorial illustrates how to enable switching between multiple profiles with Microsoft Outlook.

NOTE: If you wish to operate multiple Microsoft Exchange Accounts from within the SAME outlook profile, please refer to this tutorial instead - How to Open Multiple Exchange Mailboxes in Microsoft Outlook

Enable Profile Switching

Click on the Windows Start Menu and go to the Windows Control Panel, choose the Mail option. Depending on your version of Windows, the control panel options may look slightly different, or you may need to change the View Options to access the control panel icons.


To have Microsoft Outlook prompt you which profile to load when you open Microsoft Outlook, select the option Prompt for a profile to be used and then click OK to save your settings. Close and open Microsoft Outlook to switch profiles.