Getting Started with Webvault File Sharing


Webvault FileSharing is an internet based file-sharing solution that uses managed file server technology provided by Webvault. WebDrive fully integrates with Microsoft Windows to provide an easy way to share files and documents between users without requiring expensive file servers or networking equipment. WebDrive is suitable for all common business file and document types such as Microsoft Office files, Adobe PDF, Publisher, multimedia files and more.


WebDrive file sharing has a range of benefits for businesses, some of which include:


Webdrive is suitable for a range of business applications, including:

NOTE: WebDrive is not suitable for sharing some database application file types. For example, you cannot share MYOB or Microsoft Access database files between users with WebDrive. You can store these files on WebDrive, but they will not open succesfully in applications that require random read/write access to files.

Applying for a WebDrive Service

To apply for a WebDrive file sharing service please contact our customer support team, who will supply you with the relevant account login details. You can then refer to our setup articles below to configure your WebDrive software on user computers.

WebDrive Pricing

WebDrive file share pricing is based on the amount of storage space you require and the number of users accessing your remote file server share.

PLUS Service Fee:

NOTE: Customised data quotas and user count licensing is available by request. Please contact our customer support team for a quotation.

Free Trial Service

A FREE trial service of WebDrive file sharing is available on request. Documents stored on the trial service are public domain, and you should only use this account for assessing the business benefits and technical compatibility with your software applications. Please contact our customer support team for access to the trial account information.

Setup Instructions

Please refer to the following setup guides and tutorials to learn how to get started with your Webvault file sharing service.

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How To Setup ExpanDrive on MacOS
How to Setup WebDrive Folders to Work Offline (Windows)
How To Disconnect and Reconnect Your WebDrive File Share (Windows)
Accessing Your WebDrive Backup Folder (Windows)

WebDrive Screenshots

The following image is an example of how the WebDrive file sharing service operates in Windows 7.


WebDrive Copyright/Trademark

The WebDrive name and software is copyright and a trademark of Southern River Technologies, Inc. Click Here for more information.