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With a hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 mailbox service you can view, share or edit your Outlook tasks with other exchange users. If you do not already have a hosted Microsoft Exchange service with Webvault you can apply for one by visiting our website or by contacting our customer support team. You can only share your tasks or view the tasks of another user on exchange if you give them permission. This tutorial shows you how to share your tasks with another Microsoft Exchange user.

Sharing a Task

Click on the Tasks tab


Right click Tasks (or the name of any other set of tasks you would like to share) then select share then share tasks.


Click To... in order to select who you would like to share the tasks with.

NOTE: You cannot share your calendar with any email recipient, you must select a valid exchange user account from your Organisational Unit Address List. Do not just type in the users email address in to field, in most cases this will NOT identify the correct exchange user.


After pressing the T0... button, you will be presented with Select Names dialog box. Using the Address Book drop down list, select the appropriate Organisational Unit AL (Address List), this address list will contain a list of valid users within your organisation with whom you can share your calendar. DO NOT choose a user or address from your outlook contacts list.

Select the list of users to share with from the list, and then click the To -> button down the bottom. Check the list of recipients is correct, then click OK to add them as recipients to your invitation email window.



Once you have selected the appropriate users, you will see their exchange username in the TO field of the new Sharing invitation email window. You can optionally write them a short message in the space provided. When ready to send your tasks, click the Send button.


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