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This tutorial explains how to setup your Apple iPhone with your Webvault Microsoft Exchange email service.

NOTE: Your iPhone will access the exchange server via the internet. Please make sure you have a suitable internet data plan attached to your mobile service, in order to access your email and exchange services. Webvault is not responsible for mobile data charges relating to the use of Microsoft Exchange on your mobile device.

Press the round centre button at the bottom of your iPhone to access the main menu and then select Settings.


Select the Mail, Contacts, Calenders option.


Select the Add Account... option.


Select Microsoft Exchange from the list of email services.


On the Exchange settings screen, enter the following information as shown below.

Email: Enter your exchange email address (eg. joe@company.com.au)
Server: getafix.exchange.mailsolutions.com.au
Domain: exchange
Username: Enter your exchange mailbox username (eg. company.yourname)
Password: Enter your exchange mailbox password
Description: Enter a user friendly description for your email account

NOTE: You must type these settings EXACTLY in order to successfully connect to the exchange server.


After successfully connecting to the Exchange Server you can select what information you would like to sychronise with your iPhone. If you wish to sychronise all your contacts and calendar options as well as your email, turn all these options to ON. If you have chosen to sychronise your Exchange/Outlook contacts with your mobile phone you may be asked what you would like to do with any existing local contacts stored on your iPhone. You can choose to keep them, or delete them. The contacts from your exchange mailbox (ie. Outlook/Web Access) will then be added to your iPhone address book.


Once you have finished setting up your exchange email service, press the round centre button to access the main menu and then select Mail to access your exchange email.

NOTE: Your iPhone may take several minute to download your email and synchronise all your exchange/outlook data the first time.


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