How to Troubleshoot Missed Offsite Backup Schedules


If you are receiving an email from the offsite backup server regularly with the subject line "Reminder: Scheduled Backup Missed" then at least one of your offsite backup schedules are not running correctly. Because our data storage servers will monitor when your backups are expected to run, you will be notified by email of missed backups so that you can take corrective action. It is important to correct ongoing problems with missed backups, otherwise you will not have current data protection.

This tutorial will walk you through several ways to troubleshoot possible reasons why the Offsite Backup Manager client on your computer is not executing the backup procedure.

Checking the Basics

Advanced Troubleshooting

MacOS X Specific Information

If you are running the Offsite Backup Manager on a Mac OS X machine, please also verify in the console.log file if there is any error message found. The console.log file can be found in /Applications/SecureOBM/log/Scheduler. The exact folder name may vary depending on the version of the software you are running.