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Getting started with Mail for Exchange

There are 2 stages to setting up Mail for Exchange for your first use:

1. Install and start Mail for Exchange on your mobile device.

2. Create a synchronisation profile that controls what and when you synchronise. Synchronisation updates information on your mobile device, such as e-mail messages and contacts, with information on your Mail for Exchange account.

An application called Company Directory is also available when you install Mail for Exchange that allows you to search your company’s Microsoft Exchange server for contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc).

What you need to use Mail for Exchange

To use Mail for Exchange, you need a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account.

You will also need the following information:

  • Mail Domain: EXCHANGE
  • Exchange Server: getafix.exchange.mailsolutions.com.au
  • Username: business.username
  • Password: XXXX

  • Mail for Exchange may be able to use the Autodiscover feature to find some of this information; you will need the domain name for Autodiscover to work.

Installing Mail for Exchange

If you are currently using a version of Mail for Exchange older than version 2.0.0, you must uninstall it before installing Mail for Exchange 3.0.

To find out which version of Mail for Exchange you have installed:

1. Open the device’s Application Manager. Find and select Mail for Exchange in the list of applications shown.

2. Choose Options > About. The version is shown.

Mail for Exchange is preinstalled on some Nokia devices (If your device has Mail for Exchange preinstalled, you will not be able to install or uninstall the application manually.)

Installing from the Internet

To get the most up-to-date version of Mail for Exchange, we recommend you Download the application from the Internet. Check compatibility and download the right version for your device

You can also download Mail for Exchange from the Download! service or Ovi Store on your device.

When the download is complete, installation will start automatically.

Installing from a computer or memory card

Find an installation file that has a name like MailForExchange_3.0.0.sisx. The version number (x.y.z) or the extension (.sisx) may be different.

Copy the installation file onto your mobile device using one of the following methods:

If you downloaded the installation file to your computer, copy the installation file from your computer onto your mobile device or memory card by using a USB cable, Bluetooth, Nokia PC Suite, or infrared file transfer. If the installation file came on a memory card, transfer the installation file from the memory card onto your desktop computer. Then copy the installation file from your computer onto your mobile device by using a USB cable, Bluetooth, Nokia PC Suite, or infrared file transfer Do not use Nokia PC Suite, Ovi Suite or any other method to sync contacts, calendar entries, or tasks after you’ve installed Mail for Exchange. If you do, you may lose or duplicate data, or data may become corrupted.

Setting up your account on Mail for Exchange

1. Navigate to APPLICATIONS and under this select EXCHANGE application

2. Set up exchange account with default exchange email address in email field Domain – exchange User name and password as supplied

3. Click "ok" to connect

4. Enter getafix.exchange.mailsolutions.com.au in server field

5. Click "option" and then "save"

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