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This tutorial explains how to add a Microsoft Exchange 2013 business email account to your Microsoft Outlook 2011 for MacOS.

You will require the latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2011 to connect to Exchange 2013. Please review the Updating Outlook section at the end of this article.

Email Account Setup

Open Microsoft Outlook From the application Dock


If this is the first time you have used Microsoft Outlook 2011 on your computer click the Add Account button. IfImage you already use Outlook 2011 on your mac, then choose the Accounts option from the Tools in Microsoft Outlook.



Select Microsoft Exchange if this is your first account, or click the Add button in the bottom left hand corner and select Exchange.



Enter your email address, username and password exactly as provided to you. Your username should always be in the format CLOUD13\username. If your domain name DNS records include an auto-discovery record then Outlook should automatically locate the correct server settings. If Outlook auto-configuration does not work un-check the auto-configuration option and enter the exchange server details manually as shown.



After a few moments Outlook will ask your permission to proceed with a server redirection. Click the Always user... checkbox, and click the Allow button.


Your email account should now be setup. Change the Account Description from "COM" at the top of the screen to a more friendly name you will recognise.


Updating Outlook

You must have the latest Microsoft Outlook 2011 to connect to Exchange 2013 services. Check your version of Microsoft Outlook by selecting About Outlook from the Outlook menu. If your version number is less than 14.5.2 please update your software.

Image Image

Update your software by selecting the Check for Updates option from the Outlook Help menu. Click the Check for Updates button.

Image Image
  Name Size
- about.png 57.23 KB
- about_menu.png 96.22 KB
- account_details.png 43.20 KB
- account_details_manual.png 52.49 KB
- accounts.png 101.10 KB
- add_account_new.png 63.77 KB
- addaccount.png 28.15 KB
- allow_redirection.png 52.63 KB
- auto_update.png 46.00 KB
- outlook_open.png 135.50 KB
- select_exchange.png 20.48 KB
- settings.png 49.66 KB
- update_menu.png 59.31 KB

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