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Page History: Getting Started with Webvault Web Hosting

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Page Revision: 04/11/2009 23:33

Hosting a New Website

If you haven't already, you can sign up for a new web hosting service by visiting the Webvault website If you already have your website hosting account details, please refer to the setup guides below to upload your website content

Web Hosting Related Setup Guides

Transfering a Website

If you have an existing website hosted with another provider you can transfer your website to Webvault and take advantage of a number of unique benefits of hosting on our network. Please contact our support team who can provide advice and assistance on transferring your website hosting without any service interuptions.

Registering a Domain Name

Web hosting services are attached to one or more domain names, eg. www.yourdomain.com.au. If you have not yet registered your website domain name please contact our support team who can arrange to register one for you. We provide free advice on choosing an effective domain name for your business.

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