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Page History: How to Save your Microsoft Exchange Password in Windows XP

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Page Revision: 20/02/2012 00:35

When a cloud based Microsoft exchange service is installed on your Windows XP computer you may find that Outlook may not save the password for your user's mailbox. Depending on the version of Microsoft Windows XP you are running, you can implement the following work-arounds.

Using Windows XP Professional

If you are using the professional version of Windows XP and the computer is already connected to an existing domain environment, you will need to add an additional server entry into the saved passwords section of your windows user profile by following these instructions.

1. From the Windows XP Control Panel, choose the User Accounts option.


2. In the User Accounts dialog window click on the Advanced Tab, and then choose Manage Passwords.


3. In the list of Stored User Names and Passwords, you will probably find ONLY ONE ENTRYfor the server getafix.exchange.mailsolutions.com.au. Click the Add button, and enter a second entry for the server and using your Microsoft Exchange mailbox username and password in the format below.


4. Check there is also an entry in the list for the server getafix.exchange.mailsolutions.com.au. Use your same username and password for Microsoft Exchange.


5. Once complete, you should have two saved password entries for your Microsoft Exchange server as shown. Click OK, and OK to save your changes. Microsoft Outlook should now no longer prompt for your password.


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