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Credit Card Merchant Services API Developers Guide — 15.1%

[...] that you can authenticate and conduct a transaction. RequestType (Required) This indicates the type of transaction request you wish to process. You must supply this parameter with a valid transaction request type string. Below is a list of types of transaction requests you can perform and the corresponding RequestType string. Most of the time for regular credit card payment requests you will use the capture RequestType. capture - Authorise and transfer funds from the cardholder [...]

Getting Started with Content Management Systems — 5.8%

[...] What is a Content Management System (CMS) A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, [...]

How To Read Offsite Backup Email Reports — 5.4%

[...] receive a backup report by email to the nominated contacts on your backup account. The subject line of the email will generally indicate wether your backup was successful or not, however it is also good practice even with a successful backup report to pay closer attention to the details of your backup task to ensure they are operating correctly. The status of each backup job will be indicated in the subject line of the email as follows. Backup Report Successful - This indicates [...]

Guide to Using Webvault Mailing List Services — 5.2%

Definitions A list server is a system for managing one of more mailing lists. Your list server will have an email address that you can use to send and receive commands relating to your mailing lists. The email address for your list server will be in the format of listserv@yourdomain.com A mailing list is a list of one or more email addresses called subscribers. Each mailing list will have its own email address in the format of listname@yourdomain.com. When you or another subscriber [...]

Guide to Webvault Webmail Professional — 4.5%

[...] Pro works best with Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox. NOTE: Webmail Pro does not work with Microsoft Exchange enabled services. For Webvault hosted example, please use Microsoft Outlook Web Access. Read How to Use Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007 for more information. Accessing Webmail Professional To login to Webmail Pro visit the website http://webmailpro.webvault.com.au Enter your email Username and Password and click Login Add a Contact to your Address Book You can store address contacts in Webmail Pro. Please note that these are only accessible when using [...]

Install Offsite Backup Manager for Windows — 3.7%

Downloading the Windows Software The latest version of Webvault's offsite backup software for windows supports all major releases of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 & 2008. The software works for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. These instructions relate to version 5.5 of the backup software. CLICK HERE to download the latest version of OBM for Windows! Installing Offsite Backup Manager After downloading, open and run the file called obm-win.exe [...]

How to Troubleshoot Missed Offsite Backup Schedules — 3.7%

[...] backup server regularly with the subject line "Reminder: Scheduled Backup Missed" then at least one of your offsite backup schedules are not running correctly. Because our data storage servers will monitor when your backups are expected to run, you will be notified by email of missed backups so that you can take corrective action. It is important to correct ongoing problems with missed backups, otherwise you will not have current data protection. This tutorial will walk you through several ways to troubleshoot possible reasons why the Offsite [...]

Publishing Your Website Files with FTP — 3.5%

[...] client to help manage your website files on our servers. Downloading FTP Software There are a range of FTP client software programs that you can download. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use FileZilla which is a free FTP software program which you can download and install for windows by CLICKING HERE! If you require the MacOSX or Linux version, please visit the download links below. Here is a list of other FTP software alternatives, some of which cost money and others [...]

Plantronic Headsets for Polycom IP Phones — 3.2%

[...] compromises. Performance, style and comfort all in one. Beauty and brains. Style and smarts. Get the best of both worlds with the CS70N professional wireless headset system — the perfect marriage of premium audio performance and sleek styling. Link the CS70N to any business phone, and let the no–compromises design make you more accessible, more comfortable, and more productive. Intelligent, high-performance features make this headset perfect for intensive, all-day phone use, technology connoisseurs that demand cutting-edge electronics — or anyone [...]

How to Create or Edit Email Accounts in Cloud Toolbox — 3.0%

[...] standard internet email account settings for your domain name. To learn more about the different types of email solutions available please read Getting Started with Email Services . Create an Email Account Login to the Cloud Toolbox System with your Toolbox Username and password. If you do not yet have login credentials please contact your cloud service provider for access to this system. Click on the Manage Email tab. Select or Type the domain name you wish to create an email account for. If you have a large number of domains, the system [...]

CMS Compatibility Guide — 3.0%

[...] Introduction This is the official Webvault content management system compatibility guide. The below list of CMS softwares have either been tested by Webvault technicians to work successfully on Webvault web server platforms, or have been successfully implemented by one or more of our customers. By referring to this list you can choose a particular content management system and be confident that it will work using a the appropriate Webvault web hosting package. We are constantly updating the list with new CMS systems as they are tested and implemented. [...]

Offsite Backup Seed Loading Guide — 2.8%

Introduction Webvault offsite backup is suitable for small and large amounts of data. However if you have an amount of data that is larger than say 20 or 30GB+ you may prefer to perform a seed load . Seed-loading involves manually performing your first backup procedure onto a physical USB hard disk drive or other portable media device. You can then send it to our data centre and we will import your data onto our backup storage servers for you. The advantage of seed-loading is that it will decrease the time [...]

How To Setup POP3 or IMAP Email in Outlook Express — 2.7%

[...] Microsoft Outlook Express, follow these following instructions. To learn more about the different types of email solutions offered by Webvault please read Getting Started with Webvault Email Services . New Account Setup Instructions Open Microsoft Outlook Express. Click on the Tools Menu, and choose the Accounts option. The “Internet Accounts” window will be displayed. Select the Mail tab if it is not already selected. A list of email accounts will be displayed. If you have no existing email accounts setup in Outlook Express, the list [...]

Getting Started with Offsite Backup — 2.6%

[...] protection for your business data has never been more important, however the complexity and hassle of most traditional backup methods leaves many business owners hoping that they never have to rely on them. Using specialised backup software and the internet, Webvault can now safely backup your data offsite to our highly-secure enterprise class data centre facilities located right here in Perth, Western Australia. How Much Does Offsite Backup Cost? Offsite backup for most businesses will cost much less than the price of a cup of [...]

Getting Started with Webvault File Sharing — 2.6%

[...] networking equipment. WebDrive is suitable for all common business file and document types such as Microsoft Office files, Adobe PDF, Publisher, multimedia files and more. Benefits WebDrive file sharing has a range of benefits for businesses, some of which include: Share files and documents with any users with an internet connected Windows PC. Full integration with Microsoft Windows allows users to open and save files just like they would normally. Supports document locking for Microsoft Office [...]

How to Import Your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Profile Data — 2.2%

[...] Microsoft Outlook. Make sure that you opened your new Outlook profile that has been configured for exchange. Exchange Outlook profiles will normally have Mailbox – Your Name at the top of the mail folders column on the left, NOT Personal Folders . You can view a list of Outlook Profiles on your computer from Control Panel , Mail option, Show profiles button. Here you can change the default profile that is opened with Outlook. If switching over to exchange, [...]

How To Setup POP3 or IMAP Email on Apple iPhone or iPad — 2.2%

[...] protocol on your Apple iPhone or Apple iPad mobile device. To learn more about the different types of email solutions on offer please read Getting Started with Email Services . Add New Email Account NOTE: Please make sure your mobile device has internet connectivity before proceeding with this tutorial. From the iPhone or iPad main menu screen choose the Settings icon. From the list of items select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. Select the Add Account... option from the list of menu items. From [...]

How To Setup POP3 or IMAP in Windows Live Mail — 1.9%

[...] mail.yourdomain.com.au) Outgoing Server: (Enter your outgoing email server, normally the mail server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Eg. mail.yourisp.com.au) NOTE: If you are unsure of your outgoing email server SMTP setting please refer to our Outgoing Email Server SMTP Settings article for more information. Click the Next button, and then click the Finish button on the following page. You should now see your new email account in the list of mail accounts. Your email accounts is now setup! [...]

How to Check Your Version of Microsoft Windows — 1.9%

Microsoft windows comes in a number of different versions. Windows also comes in either 64Bit (x64) or 32Bit (x86) compilations, which will affect different versions of software you choose to install. Some software programs are optimised for 64Bit platforms, and if you have a 64Bit Windows operating system, you should install 64Bit software whenever possible. This tutorial shows how to determine the type of Microsoft Windows operating system that you are running on your computer. NOTE: This tutorial uses Windows [...]

How To Connect To a Microsoft Office Live Meeting — 1.7%

Installing the Software To attend a Microsoft Office Live Meeting you need to install the Office Live Meeting 2007 client software. Click here to download and install the software for Microsoft Windows. If you are not running Microsoft windows, you cannot attend the meeting. Joining the Meeting To join an office live meeting, you must receive an invitation from the person conducting the meeting. This will normally be in the form on a specially formatted email, and if you are using Microsoft Outlook will [...]

How To Set Up WebDrive on Windows — 1.7%

[...] Webvault Webdrive File Sharing Installing the Software 1. Download and install the latest version of WebDrive for Microsoft Windows. For Windows 64Bit Users - Click to download Webdrive x64 For Windows 32Bit Users - Click to download Webdrive x86 To determine which version of Microsoft Windows you are using, please read How to Check Your Version of Microsoft Windows Configuring WebDrive 2. Once you have installed the Webdrive software on your computer, open Webdrive from your desktop icon, or from the [...]

Free Movie Ticket Promotion until 31st March 2010 — 1.5%

Refer a Friend & Win Promotion for 2010 From now until the 31st of March 2010, we are offering 2 FREE adult movie tickets for any Greater Union Event Cinemas session with every new customer referral. All you have to do is convince a friend to sign up for any eligible Webvault hosted service. There is no limit to the number of movie tickets you can win, so refer 5 friends and see 10 movies. Eligible Services New customers must sign up for one or more of the following eligible services. Any standard or [...]

How To Setup POP3 or IMAP Email in Mozilla Thunderbird — 1.3%

[...] account in Mozilla Thunderbird version 3.0, following these instructions. If you have an older version of Mozilla Thunderbird, please download and install the latest version here - Download Thunderbird . To learn more about the different types of email solutions offered by Webvault please read Getting Started with Webvault Email Services . New Account Setup Instructions On the main screen select; Create a new account On the Mail Account Setup dialog window enter following information and then click the Continue button. Your Name: (Enter [...]

How To Increase a Hard Disk Partition Size on Windows Servers — 1.3%

Introduction VMware virtual server technology allows for simple expansion of disk storage for your Cloud Server at the click of a button. If you require an additional storage please contact our support team with your requirements so that we can increase your virtual disk sizes accordingly. Once your storage capacity has been upgraded you will need to increase the partition sizes on your server to take advantage of the available space. To do this, follow the instructions below for your particular operating [...]

Outgoing Email Server SMTP Settings — 1.3%

[...] setting (otherwise known as SMTP Server ). If you have a desktop computer that remains in the same office then normally your Internet Service Provider (ISPs) mail server is the best option for sending outgoing email. If you have a mobile phone that you wish to use to send email, then normally you will use your mobile carriers outgoing email server. In some cases however, it may not be appropriate for you to use your ISPs email server for outgoing mail. For example, if you have a laptop or a mobile computer and wish to roam between networks, use wireless hotspots or [...]

How to Backup Your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Profile Data — 1.3%

[...] to download. Click on the “File” menu and choose the ”import and export” option From the list of options choose “Export to a file” and click "Next" . From the list of file types, choose “Personal Folder File (.pst)” and click "Next" From the list of folders, click on the very top branch of the folder set which contains your Outlook data, normally labeled “Personal Folders” . Then tick the Include Subfolders option. Click the Browse button and choose a place on [...]

Getting Started with Webvault Email Services — 1.2%

Introduction Webvault offers a range of hosted email solutions some of which are included with every web hosting service and others that can be subscribed for independently. For more information about a new email service or to setup a new email account please our website or contact Customer Support Quick Email Settings If you are familiar with email software you can refer to a our quick user guide to obtain your email settings. Quick Guide to Webvault Email Settings Standard Internet Email Services Standard Internet email services [...]

List of ISO 4217 Currency Codes — 1.1%

Here is the list of ISO 4217 currency codes for use with the Webvault credit card merchant services API toolkit. Please see the developers guide for more information. Code / Currency AED United Arab Emirates, Dirhams AFA Afghanistan, Afghanis ALL Albania, Leke AMD Armenia, Drams ANG Netherlands Antilles, Guilders AOA Angola, Kwanza ARS Argentina, Pesos AUD Australia, Dollars AWG Aruba, Guilders AZM Azerbaijan, Manats BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina, Convertible Marka BBD Barbados, Dollars BDT Bangladesh, Taka BGL Bulgaria, Leva BHD Bahrain, Dinars BIF Burundi, [...]

How to Create a MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin — 1.1%

[...] or a user login with permission to create new databases. You will need to have access to an instance of phpMyAdmin appropriately configured to administrate the MySQL server. If you require a dedicated web server running MySQL and phpMyAdmin please visit our Web Hosting Services page. Using phpMyAdmin Version 3.5.1 Browse to your phpMyAdmin URL using your Internet Web Browser, and login using your root or dba user login as shown. From the main menu choose Databases In the create database field type in a name for your database. Leave the collation drop down box [...]

Webvault Polycom IP Phone Systems User Guide — 1.1%

[...] email. Voicemail can be activated on a given extension for a personalized mailbox or linked to a group of extensions to provide a centralized mailbox for your business. Calls will normally be routed to voicemail if the call is not answered during the pre-defined ring tone period. Section 1.0 Retrieving Voicemail Messages To retrieve voicemail for your current extension using your telephone handset: If using a Polycom handset, press the messages button to access the voicemail system for the appropriate Line. Alternatively dial 8 and press send or dial on your IP telephone. [...]

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