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1. We recommend you always operate using cached exchange mode as this will store a copy of your outlook data on your computer. This provides faster access to your emails and you can
also work with Outlook in the event that you are not connected to the internet. By default Microsoft Outlook will use cached exchange mode, however you can turn this option off
within the Microsoft exchange Account settings (Not recommended).

2. Under the File menu you can change the download options for cached exchange mode. We recommend you tick the following two options Download Headers and Then Full Items and
On Slow Connections Download Only Headers. Option names & menu locations may by differ slightly for Outlook 2003 SP2.

3. Whilst Outlook 2003 will work fine with Exchange 2007, there are a number of features offered by Outlook 2007 which make it a superior platform. This includes better visual
representation of calendars, “Instant” search, and quick attachment previews. It should be noted however that Outlook 2007 puts greater stress on your computer system. We recommend
Outlook 2007 for newer computers and recommend fast hard disks and a minimum of 2GB RAM.

4. Microsoft recommends that for the most efficient use of Microsoft Outlook with Exchange that your mailbox data remain below 2GB in size. Your maximum mailbox storage quota is 2.5GB,
and you will receive a warning when you reach 2GB that you need to begin taking action to archive old emails or delete unwanted email. If you reach your mailbox storage limit you
will no longer be able to send email. Please refer to section 7 for additional information about archiving email and mailbox cleanup.

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